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  Learn to play guitar with an  experienced teacher and performer 


Welcome to  My name is Nat Hulskamp.  I offer private lessons in SE Portland, Oregon on guitar and oud.

I had excellent teachers when I was learning to play and I realized the importance of an open teacher who is able to structure lessons around each student's taste, pushing them forward, while keeping it fun and exciting.  I believe the best motivation comes from the students themselves after the excitement of seeing their own rapid progress, and that is the priority in my approach to teaching.

I have always tried to get involved in as many kinds of music as possible, including Spanish flamenco, Brazilian bossa nova, jazz, classical Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Hungarian Csardas, Gypsy swing, Ghanaian highlife, Zimbabwean pop, Indonesian gamelan and more.  These experiences gave me many perspectives on how to understand and play music and have added to what I can offer as a teacher.

I also teach flamenco guitar and oud lessons at Reed College in Portland, OR.

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions.  I look forward to hearing from you!

"I cannot recommend Nat highly enough for any aspiring guitarist of any level."  -Scott

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Lessons cover technique, theory, repertoire, improvisation and the fee is $60 per hour or $200 for 4 lessons ($50/hour).

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