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 Student Reviews 

I cannot recommend Nat highly enough for any aspiring guitarist of any level. I had taken lessons from 4 other instructors before and Nat is definitely the best. He can play all styles of music and has unlimited knowledge of music theory.

What I like best about Nat is he has lived in several countries and is always introducing new music to supplement and expand my personal interests. He can play anything from rock and roll and blues to flamenco and bossa nova and complex middle eastern rhythms and time signatures. He is willing to make the extra effort as an instructor, to make you, as a student challenged and satisfied with the guitar and music in general.

-Scott B.

I have been studying under Nat for over a year. When I first began, I thought that playing Flamenco guitar was an impossibility for any non-Spaniard who hadn’t been playing since they were old enough to hold a guitar. I was wrong. Over a year later, under Nat’s guidance, I'm playing entire pieces, nailing the accents, mastering the techniques and improving quickly.

Nat balances his teaching with a good mixture of theory and playing. His vast musical knowledge has not only enabled me to learn the Flamenco style, but also to branch out into Latin rhythms, classical guitar and Bossa Nova. His ability to break down complex ideas and theory into understandable concepts make him a fantastic teacher and a great resource for students of any skill level looking to improve. Above all, he is an encouraging teacher who stimulates my ability as a player and always inspires me to work harder.

I am enjoying the guitar more than ever, and with Nat's guidance I am on my way to becoming the guitarist I want to be.

-Bruno DeToledo

I have wanted to learn to play flamenco for many years and spent much time trying to figure it out on my own, u tube videos, etc., I wasted time and energy learning bad habits, butchering songs and noodleing solos and never even came close to learning the correct count.

Nat has been a God send. Nat has helped me fix the mistakes ive been making and to create a more solid foundation to play from. Nat has filled in the voids with the correct information and he is a wealth of knowledge about the history of Flamenco.
I could not recomend a better instructor, his guidance has been priceless. Mountains have turned to mole hills. Falsettas that i never thought i could play now come with ease.

his sense of humor is wonderful and Nat is so encouraging. I am glad i have not demolished my guitar yet out of frustration. Nat has a million ways to help get your mind wrapped around your problem areas, work them out and move on to even cooler stuff.


I have been taking Oud lessons from Nat Hulskamp for over 1 year. Nat is very passionate about music and a great teacher because of it. He is also incredibly supportive, kind and patient. He creates a safe learning environment, where he encourages you to learn and grow.

Nat is very flexible - he is able to teach you in the way you find most helpful to learn. He is also a dedicated teacher, willing to go the extra mile to research unusual songs of interest. Nat is very knowledgeable about many types of music and is excellent at teaching Music Theory as well.

I really enjoy my classes with Nat and look forward to them every week! I have learned an incredible amount about the Oud - and about music from all over the world - in the year I have been studying with Nat.

I highly recommend Nat as a teacher! Cheers,


I found out about Nat through the internet when I searched for a Flamenco guitar instructor. After reading about him and the range of his musical knowledge and skill, immediately I became interested to get in touch with him. I have been taking lessons with him for about a year now. I know him to be not only a knowledgeable and skillful, but an excellent instructor as well. He is attentive and patient. The range of his understanding of diverse musical styles I find amazing. I strongly recommend him as a music instructor for students of any age.

-Cyrus Y.

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