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 Oud lessons 

I offer private lessons on oud (Arabic, 11 string, fretless lute).  I have backgrounds in classical Arabic, Turkish and Persian music, and have worked professionally in those styles for over 15 years.

Oud lessons cover:

  • technique

  • Maqamat/modal theory

  • improvisation

  • repertoire

  • accompaniment

  • arranging and ornamentation

Oud is used in many styles from North Africa and the Middle East to Asia and from folkloric traditions to classical to world music fusion projects.  I tailor each lesson to the style the student wants to learn.

Here are some reviews from my oud students:

“I have been taking Oud lessons from Nat Hulskamp for over 1 year. Nat is very passionate about music and a great teacher because of it. He is also incredibly supportive, kind and patient. He creates a safe learning environment, where he encourages you to learn and grow.

Nat is very flexible - he is able to teach you in the way you find most helpful to learn. He is also a dedicated teacher, willing to go the extra mile to research unusual songs of interest. Nat is very knowledgeable about many types of music and is excellent at teaching Music Theory as well.

I really enjoy my classes with Nat and look forward to them every week! I have learned an incredible amount about the Oud - and about music from all over the world - in the year I have been studying with Nat.

I highly recommend Nat as a teacher!”
                                                                               - Jackie

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