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  Flamenco guitar lessons   

My flamenco lessons are based on years of working professionally as a flamenco guitarist in both traditional “cuadros” with flamenco singers and dancers, to contemporary instrumental groups and solo performance.  This experience gave me a deep knowledge of this intricate style, knowledge that can’t be communicated to a student from books and transcriptions.

Over the years I have studied in Spain with the greats of flamenco guitar, including Diego del Morao, José Antonio Rodríguez, Manuel Parrilla, Pepe del Morao, Jesús Guerrero, Dani de Morón and Antonio Rey. I have recorded in Spain with Diego del Morao, Luís de Perikín, La Macanita and La Bejazz, and performed with José Antonio Rodríguez, Santiago Lara and Antonio Rey during their US tours.

I teach:

  • All styles of flamenco, from traditional to contemporary and fusion

  • Proper right hand techniques that are unique to flamenco

  • How to master the flamenco rhythms and song forms

  • Accompaniment and interaction with flamenco singers, dancers and percussionists

  • Repertoire- I can learn any flamenco piece off of a recording and teach it to you.  I have been teaching repertoire of Paco de Lucia and all the great flamenco guitarists from either pieces already in my own repertoire or from any recordings students have chosen.

  • Improvisation and jazz theory as it applies to contemporary flamenco (such as Paco de Lucia, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo, etc)

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions. I look forward to hearing from you!


Here are some reviews from my flamenco guitar students:

“I cannot recommend Nat highly enough for any aspiring guitarist of any level. I had taken lessons from 4 other instructors before and Nat is definitely the best. He can play all styles of music and has unlimited knowledge of music theory.

What I like best about Nat is he has lived in several countries and is always introducing new music to supplement and expand my personal interests. He can play anything from rock and roll and blues to flamenco and bossa nova and complex middle eastern rhythms and time signatures. He is willing to make the extra effort as an instructor, to make you, as a student challenged and satisfied with the guitar and music in general.”       -Scott

“I have been studying under Nat for over a year. When I first began, I thought that playing Flamenco guitar was an impossibility for any non-Spaniard who hadn’t been playing since they were old enough to hold a guitar. I was wrong. Over a year later, under Nat’s guidance, I'm playing entire pieces, nailing the accents, mastering the techniques and improving quickly.

Nat balances his teaching with a good mixture of theory and playing. His vast musical knowledge has not only enabled me to learn the Flamenco style, but also to branch out into Latin rhythms, classical guitar and Bossa Nova. His ability to break down complex ideas and theory into understandable concepts make him a fantastic teacher and a great resource for students of any skill level looking to improve. Above all, he is an encouraging teacher who stimulates my ability as a player and always inspires me to work harder.

I am enjoying the guitar more than ever, and with Nat's guidance I am on my way to becoming the guitarist I want to be.”       -Bruno

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