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Nat was born in Portland, OR.  He began studying jazz and other styles of guitar with guitarist/composer Paul Chasman at age seventeen and was soon introduced to flamenco guitar by Jose Solano. His interest in the influence of Arabic music on flamenco led him to study oud in Morocco.

After returning to the US, he moved to Seattle and received his BA in ethnomusicology at The University of Washington.  There he worked with the groups Carmona Flamenco, The Rez Quartet and others ranging in style from jazz to Arabic and Turkish music to flamenco.  In 2000, he co-founded the Vancouver, BC based Arabic/flamenco group Aire with ney player and singer Emad Armoush.

He now resides in Portland where he performs regularly with the Nat Hulskamp Trio, Seffarine.

For more info about Nat's music and his projects, please go to

 About Nat Hulskamp 

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